✨••Balancing Vata dosha in times of travel & transition ✨••

Vata dosha, composed of ether and air element, is usually the first dosha to become out of balance- left untreated, then pushes other doshas out of balance. The 20 gunas, also known as the 10 pairs of opposites, gives us insight on the qualities of each dosha. Combining this wisdom with the law of “likeContinue reading “✨••Balancing Vata dosha in times of travel & transition ✨••”

Meals as Meditation

How many of us speed through our day more often than not? How often do you eat quickly between meetings without really tasting or chewing your food, talk more than we eat, or skip meal time all together because “we just don’t have time”? Sound familiar? What if I told you that just 10 minutesContinue reading “Meals as Meditation”

Glorious Ghee

Still cooking with butter? Let me introduce you to a healthy alternative still using the butter you love – just clarified. Since ancient times, people have used Ghee to enhance flavors of food and spices, improve agni (digestive fire) and assist in increasing absorption and assimilation of nutrients, improve memory,  lubricate connective tissues increasing flexibility,Continue reading “Glorious Ghee”


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