Private & group Ceremonies

An offering to gather together in tranquility and presence as we settle into the present moment through Cha Dao, the way of tea. 

Together we will share bowls of living tea to ease into stillness, clear our hearts and minds and connect deeper to ourselves, nature and the wisdom within the leaves.  This can be an individual experience or group event up to 10 people. Also offering virtual tea ceremonies!

Private Ceremony (One- two Guest) $111

Group Ceremonies ( 3 Guest & up) $333

Virtual Ceremony $77

Join together from anywhere in the world with a virtual tea ceremony. During this 60- 90 min. session, Aurora will begin with a grounding meditation and lead into sharing 3 bowls of tea together in silence (and intentionally selected music). Space will he held for reflection & authentic sharing and to ask questions about Cha Dao.

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