Cha Dao Mentorship

1:1 The Way of Tea

Interested in starting your own daily tea practice? Offering one on one Cha Dao virtual mentorship to invite the Sprit of tea into your life & support you along your journey of tea.

You will learn:

  • Sourcing quality teas, water & tea ware
  • Deeper understanding of Camellia Sinensis & What makes “Living Tea”
  • How set up your tea meditation space & creating space for practice
  • How to be a guest, host, serve and hold space in ceremony
  • How to connect deeper to your intuition and be more receptive

You will Receive:

  • Support & guidance in choosing your teaware & teas
  • One on one virtual tea ceremonies & classes (4 total)
  • Q & A
  • Prayers, blessings & poetry to add to your offering & ritual

Mentorship Exchange $775

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