Balancing Vata dosha in times of travel & transition

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Vata dosha, composed of ether and air element, is usually the first dosha to become out of balance- left untreated, then pushes other doshas out of balance.

The 20 gunas, also known as the 10 pairs of opposites, gives us insight on the qualities of each dosha. Combining this wisdom with the law of “like attracts like and opposites balance” gives insights into what steps to take to regain balance and harmony within the mind, body and spirit.

•• mobile•• (Chaka) one of the qualities of vata dosha — easily brought out of balance with movement such as travel, hyper-activity and transition periods.

••Static•• (Sthira) the opposite quality of stillness that can restore balance in times of high mobility.

Vata imbalance caused by excessive movement can manifest as: anxiety, fidgeting, agitation, muscle twitching, and palpitations or racing thoughts in the Mano Vaha Srota (pathway of the mind).

Restore balance with practices that invite more Sthira guna/ stable quality into your day. Such as:

•• Sitting with a grounding tea, enjoying three bowls in silence, followed by stillness, just being- non-doing, resting in the now.
•• booking an Abhyanga, giving yourself permission to be still and receive the grounding rejuvenating benefits of the practice.
•• foods high in Earth Element, such as root vegetables & eating slowly & mindfully, afterward, laying in stillness for 10 mins. on your left side to support digestion.

••✨••In times of movement, may you give yourself the medicine of stability found within the practice of stillness•• ✨

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